Why Over 13000 Pounds Of Frozen Pizza Are Recalled?

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A brand name "Home Run Inn" is recalling these 13,000 pounds of Frozen Pizzas.

According to Federal Food Safety Officials, customers are complaining about finding metals in it.

According to USDA, 'the pizzas’ meat toppings “may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically metal,” which is dangerous.

The USDA reports that only one specific type of pizza, the "Chicago's Premium Pizza Deluxe Sausage Classic Pizza" is impacted.

Those who have purchased should check the product's label.

The affected pizzas came in 33.5-ounce cartons and have an expiration date of December 3, 2022, and have the number "EST. 18498-A" on the box.

The USDA stated that "no confirmed reports of injuries or adverse reactions" from the pizzas are heard. But the products should not be consumed at all.

According to the director of Food Industries Program, “Metal shavings and other debris can end up in food from machines involved in processing”.