How To Season A Ceramic Frying Pan – 1 Hidden Method Revealed

Hello readers, thank you for landing on this page. If you have landed here then definitely you are searching for seasoning a ceramic frying pan.

So, today you will learn here, how to season a ceramic frying pan even if you are a complete beginner or have some experience in it.

Seasoning is not a difficult process rather its a technique to add a thin layer of oil in the surface of the pan to fit the small pores and prevents it from sticking.

A properly seasoned pan can take your cooking comfortability to the next level. You can make anything with ease.

So, today you will learn three different ways to season your ceramic pan (where one of them is a hidden method).

How To Season A Ceramic Frying Pan

Method 1: How to Season a Ceramic Frying Pan on the Stovetop? 

It is the most preferred method among the three. It is very easy to operate and almost all people have at least one stovetop. So let’s head over to the stove and get started.

Step 1: First we have to preheat the pan, so light the stove and put the ceramic pan on it. Heat the pan until you can touch with your bare hand. 

Step 2: After that, add some coconut oil (or any high heat retention oil) in it usually 2 to 3 tablespoon (depending on the size of the pan). Swirl the oil around the pan so that it spreads to all the sides of the pan nicely. Whenever you are adding oil make sure it reaches to every corner without leaving any gap.

How To Season A Ceramic Frying Pan - Add oil in it
Add Some Oil To the Pan

Step 3: After adding oil heat the pan on medium heat until you see smoke comes through it. The heating usually takes 3 to 4 minutes depending on the type of oil. 

Make sure to heat on medium heat don’t heat on high for faster result. This will ruin your seasoning process. Seasoning requires slow and medium heat.

Step 4: When you will see smoke coming out from the oil then just put the flame off and wait for the pan to completely cool down. Do not put the pan in the refrigerator to cool down rapidly as it may damage the ceramic coating. Let it cool down normally.

Soak the excess oil from the ceramic frying pan
Soak the excess oil with a paper towel

Step 5: When the pan is completely cooled down, you will notice some oil remained in the pan. Do not worry just wipe out the excess oil with a paper towel or a soft cloth.

Now your ceramic pan is completely seasoned and is ready for making delicious dishes. 

The ceramic frying pan is now seasoned
Your Pan is now seasoned

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Method 2: How to Season a Ceramic Frying Pan on the Oven?

The steps are almost similar to the stovetop but here no need to preheat the pan in the oven. Here you have to preheat the oven. You can use this method only if your stovetop is not working or you are busy cooking in the cooktop. I always prefer the first one as it is the best method to season any pan.

Step 1: First preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit or 150 degrees Celsius (this is the average temperature used for seasoning). You can go for a maximum temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180° Celsius) but don’t exceed it and go as low as 250 degrees Fahrenheit (130° Celsius).

Step 2: Take the pan and pour the same amount of oil in it and nicely swirl it around to every corner of the pan. This time addition of little extra oil will be fine for it.

Step 3: Now carefully place the ceramic pan in the middle rack of the preheated oven. Because the middle rack gets the appropriate amount of heat. Leave the ceramic pan for about 20 to 30 minutes or up to when you will notice smoke coming through it. The time may vary depending on the type of pan used or at what temperature you are heating.

Step 4: Take out the ceramic pan from the oven and let it cool down. Allow the pan to cool down completely to the room temperature which may take around 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 5: After cooling down just wipe out the excess oil from the pan using any paper towel or a soft cloth.

Now your ceramic pan is completely seasoned by using an oven and you can make whatever you want.

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Method 3: How to Season a Ceramic Frying Pan By Sunlight? (The Hidden One)

What? By sunlight!

I know you are thinking like that because when I first heard of it, I had also reacted in the same way. But, yes it is possible to season a ceramic pan by sunlight unless you have free time and most importantly bright sunny day.

I have used this method and it works fine but one thing is that if the sun is not bright enough this method is useless. I am listing this method so that you can get enough options for seasoning.

Step 1: Pour 1 or 2 tablespoons of oil to the pan (this time we have taken less oil) and nicely swirl it around to every corner of the pan.

Step 2: Take a dark-colored paper bag, if possible use a black color bag and put the ceramic pan inside the paper bag. If the handle is not covered then no problem leave it like that. We are using a dark-colored bag to absorb the heat and also to protect the pan from direct sunlight.

Step 3: Now find a sunny place and put the pan in direct sunlight for the whole day. Touch and check the paper bag from time to time and see if the cover is getting hot or not. If it’s not getting enough warmth then change the place.

Step 4: After a few hours when it gets hot enough to touch then take out the pan from the bag and leave it aside for cooling. 

Step 5: When the ceramic pan gets completely cooled down then just wipe out the excess oil if any using a paper towel or a soft cloth.

Now your pan is seasoned by a natural process (sunlight) and yes, you can make anything. 

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1. What kind of oil do you use to season ceramic frying pan?

Whenever you are selecting any oil please consider selecting oil that has high heat retention. Usually, animal fats have very higher heat retention and it works best when you are seasoning.

But it is not mandatory to use animal fats, you can also use coconut oil or flaxseed oil both have good heat retention. If you are unable to find any of this then you can use extra virgin olive oil or grapeseed oil.

We are using high heat retention oil because when we are heating the pan, this type of oil takes a long time to heat up which in return helps in a better seasoning of the pan. 

The amount of oil totally depends on the size of the pan. Larger the size the more the amount of oil is needed. Usually, for a 12’’ inch pan it requires 3 tablespoons of oil or you should pour oil until the surface is covered fully.

2. Does Ceramic Cookware need to be seasoned?

Ceramic cookware is known for its smoothness and healthy benefits. But yes, it needs seasoning to get a proper smooth surface.

If you are using ceramic pan without seasoning that’s ok, it will work fine. But seasoning creates an extra layer of smoothness that makes cooking easy and level of satisfaction also increases.

3. Does the Ceramic Pan need to be Re-Seasoned?

The answer is yes. According to the experts, after every six months, we have to season our pans if possible. Whenever the food sticks regularly, its time to season it. Re-seasoning your pan not only makes your pan smooth but also increases its longevity. If you repeat the process for time to time then definitely it lasts for a decade.

4. Why does everything stick to my Ceramic Frying Pan?

Everything stuck to your ceramic pan because of things. Either your pan is getting old and it’s nonstick layer is wiping out or you are using an average quality pan.

To get rid of both the situations you have only one option that is seasoning. Because seasoning creates an extra layer of oil to the surface of the pan to make it smooth.

5. How do you restore a Ceramic Frying Pan?

To restore a ceramic frying pan you just have to clean it using soap and warm water and then season the pan with any process you want.

How long does Ceramic Cookware last?

This question is totally depends on your usage, type, and quality of the pan you are using. If you are taking care of washing it with your hands using clean water and seasoned it from time to time then definitely it will last for a decade or so.

You can check it out this article – best 100 percent ceramic nonstick cookware set reviews. This article will definitely help you to choose better cookware.


I hope this article will definitely help you to season your ceramic frying pan. You can comment below the method you had tried and seasoned your pan.

All the three methods are interesting but the most preferable is the stovetop one. If you have any other method that you had tried before then please share it with us. We will love to add and share the method here.

Please if it was helpful then share the article with your friends and family. This keeps us motivated to researched and write more articles like this.

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