How To Remove The Non-Stick Coating From Cookware? 2 Effective Steps

A non-stick pan is a handy tool in your kitchen when you want quick-cooking.

These items are easy to use, lightweight, non-sticky, and require very less amount of oil or fat. But these non-stick pans should be taken care of properly to maintain their non-sticky feature for a long time.

Once its coating begins to peel off, it becomes very harmful to your body. Because this coating may get mixed into food while cooking and enter your body.

So, to stop that you have two options, either you remove the non-stick coating from cookware or you can buy a new one.

Note: I am not recommending using the pan if its coating is peeling off. Even if you remove the coating, then also the cookware is not healthy, the food will stick to it and it becomes so irritating to cook.

How To Remove Non-Stick Coating From Cookware

So, it’s always a better option to buy a new one. You can check out the best non-stick cookware brands or the best non-stick pans for your kitchen.

If you hate the non-stick coating as it peels off, then you check the evergreen cookware, i.e, the best cast-iron pots and pans.

Let’s begin:

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How To Remove The Non-Stick Coating From Cookware?

To remove the nonstick coating from the cookware you have two options, either you can remove it with sandpaper or you can use an angle grinder or a polishing tool.

There is another option to bake it at a high temperature but it’s not recommended.

But before beginning, check with what material your pan is made of. If it is made of aluminum then don’t even think of doing it because aluminum will react with food and it’s very unhealthy.

Only begin doing if your nonstick pan is made of stainless steel or iron because these items won’t react with the food and they are healthy.

Let’s start the process of removing Teflon coating from the pan:

Step #1: Remove It With Sandpaper

You Will Need The Following Items:

First, wear hand gloves to protect your hand and take the sandpaper. Now, rub the pan with some pressure and clean it with a cloth.

Repeat this process again and again until the black coating peels off and the silver color is appearing.

When the coating will be completely removed, again take the sandpaper and now rub with clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to lower the scratches. This process requires both patience and energy for removing it.

You can watch this video for reference:

Finally, wash with dish soap and rinse properly. Then take the pan and season it 2 to 3 times to make it smooth. You can check below for seasoning the pan.

Step #2: Remove It With A Tool

You Will Need The Following Items:

First, wear gloves, masks, and goggles and then take the angle grinder and attach the wire cup brush to it. 

Now switch on the machine and start wiping out the coating.

When the coating will be completely wiped off then apply any metal polish to the pan, attach the polishing disk to the angle grinder and start polishing the pan.

After polishing, take any dish soap which can remove grease or oil and squeeze it into the pan and wipe it with a sponge. This will remove the polishing gel from the pan.

Then rinse the pan in clean water properly and leave it to dry. This process is very effective, easy, and less time-consuming. 

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You can watch this video for reference:

After the pan gets completely dried, now it’s time to season it for future use.

How To Use The Pan When Its Coating is Completely Peeled Off? (Seasoning)

You have done all your hard work to remove the non-stick coating from the pan and now it’s time to use it.

So, to use this pan you have to season it properly, otherwise, all the food materials will stick to it. Seasoning helps the pan to fill its pores and makes the surface nonstick.

How To Season The Pan?

  1. First, preheat the pan for about two minutes.
  2. Then pour two or three tablespoons of oil (grapeseed, coconut, or flaxseed oil) and spread it nicely to every corner.
  3. Leave it on the flame until you see smoke is coming out from the oil.
  4. When you see the smoke off the flame leave it for cooling.
  5. After the pan gets cooled, take a cloth or paper towel and wipe ou the excess oil.
  6. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times for good results.

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In my opinion, option number 2 will be easy, effective, and less time-consuming, if you want to remove the coating properly. While option number 1 requires only a few things but it can take so much time.

Again I am warning you if your pan is made of aluminum then please don’t even think of removing it. Because it becomes so reactive and unhealthy and may cause serious health problems.

It is always a better option to replace it with a new one. But if your pan is made of stainless steel and overall the pan is all good, then you can definitely go for removing it.

If you find the article helpful then please share your experience with us and also do share this article with your friends and family. Thank You !!!

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FAQ’s On How To Remove Teflon Coating From Pan

  1. How Do You Fix Non-Stick Coating?

    If the food sticks to your pan then it is a signal that the coating is becoming weak. You can use any nonstick coating sprayer and improve the coating a little bit.
    But, once the coating is peeling off then there is no way to recover unless you remove it completely.

  2. Why Does The Non-Stick Coating Come Off?

    The non-stick coating is coming off because your pan’s coating becoming weak. It can happen for using metal utensils or washing your pan with a hard scrubber or if you use any bleaching cleaner. If you overheat the pan for a long time and continue doing it for a few days, then also the nonstick coating will come off. That’s why it should be maintained properly for longer use.


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