Can I Put An Air Fryer On The Countertop? 5 Problem Solving Questions

As, air fryer is an electrical appliance, they do emit heat.

Basically, the air fryer circulates very hot air around the food to make it crispy and tender without using oil. This hot air is then cooled and ventilated through the air vents. 

The ventilated air is not cooled that much and emit some amount of heat through the vents but comparatively less than the regular conventional oven. 

Though the heat emitted is quite negligible but it may damage your kitchen countertop in the long run.

Can I Put An Air Fryer On The Countertop

So, the question arises: 

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Can I Put An Air Fryer On The Countertop?

The answer totally depends on the type of countertop you use. If your kitchen countertop is made of heat-resistant material then you are good to go else you have to use a silicone mat or any other heat-resistant mat to protect the countertop from getting damaged. So, the answer is yes, you can keep your air fryer on the countertop.

Another thing you have to make sure that the place where you will keep the air fryer should be flat and there should be a few inches (more than 5) of space for smooth airflow.

If it doesn’t get enough space for smooth airflow then it may get heat up and may get damaged in the long run.

If your query gets clear then you can move to the next question.

What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop?

If your countertop is made from heat-resistant material then you can keep the air fryer directly upon it else you have to place it over a heat-resistant mat.

There are various options available to put under the air fryer. The best is always the silicone mat as they are light in weight, durable, and are easy to handle.

Other than silicone mats you can use ceramic tile, silver protector mats, copper protector mats, insulated non-skid protection mats, etc.

Best Heat Resistant Mats For Air Fryer

Heat resistant mats are always the best options for keeping any electrical appliances as it protects the countertop from getting damaged.

Among them, the most liked are silicone mats as they are light in weight, cheap, colorful, available in different shapes and designs, and also easy to handle. So, here are some of the best heat resistant mats for an air fryer that you can check on Amazon.

  1. LogHog Round Silicone Trivet Mats
  2. Gasare Extra Large Silicone Protector Mat
  3. Super Kitchen Extra Large Multipurpose Silicone Mat
  4. Supmat Xl Versatile Extra Large Mat

Where Should I Place My Air Fryer?

The perfect place to keep the air fryer is on the kitchen countertop. Because while working in the kitchen it becomes very convenient for the cook to work with it.

Whenever you place it, just make sure you keep it on a level and a flat surface. Also, keep a few inches of a gap around the fryer to allow the air to circulate freely. This will keep the fryer cool and will last for a longer period.

Can Air Fryer Crack Countertop?

The air fryer is designed to replace the regular deep fryer that requires a lot of oil to fry. It is basically designed to prepare healthy and crispy food by releasing an immense amount of hot air around the food to make it crispy and tender.

The air fryer is insulated properly but this hot air is ventilated out through air vents and these vents may present at the bottom. So, this hot air may crack the countertop in the long run.

Your countertop may or may not withstand this heat, so to protect it from cracking you can place a silicone mat under the appliance. The silicone mat will not only protect the countertop but also looks good and easy to handle.

This video may help you:

Can You Put An Air Fryer On A Stovetop?

There is always a risk of putting your air fryer on the stovetop because if you accidentally switch on the stove then you may melt the fryer and it may lead to a fire.

So, it’s always better to keep the electrical appliances on the countertop rather than any other place as it is the safest and convenient place. In my opinion, don’t put the air fryer on the stovetop.

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After reading this article I think your question, Can I Put An Air Fryer On The Countertop? gets clear. To be practical this is the best place to keep any electrical appliances because it comes very handy while cooking.

But, don’t forget to put a silicone mat to protect the countertop from getting damaged. No matter your countertop is heat resistant or not you should put a mat.

If this article helped you to get your answer then please share it with your friends and family and also don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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