What To Look For When Buying An Air Fryer? 9 Qualities Should Be Present

An air fryer cooks food by circulating hot air around the food. Basically, you can make anything from fries to chicken without or using less amount of oil.

It will produce similar results to the traditional deep fryer but the taste little differs because, in a deep fryer, the fries absorb an excessive amount of oil and hence differs in taste.

You have chosen to purchase an air fryer because of its health benefits and now, you are confused about how to choose one or what to look for when buying an air fryer?

Don’t worry I am here to help you out. 

What To Look For In An Air Fryer

Today you will get a definitive guide on choosing an air fryer that suits your pocket, kitchen, and also last long.

So, let’s start.

What To Look For In An Air Fryer?

When you are going to buy an air fryer, you have to consider certain things like the size and shape, footprint, build quality, price, cleaning, functions, high power wattage, safety, and temperature control. If all these features are present in an air fryer then you are good to go.

Now, I will discuss each of the features below. Why they are important and how these factors can help you to choose your desired one?

Size And Shape

What size air fryer do I need? The customers often asked this question, but the answer depends on the size of your family.

If your family size is large then you will need a large one or if small then a smaller one. Suppose your family has 4-5 people then the 3-4 quart variant will be best for you.

If your family consists of more than 5 people, then 5-6 quart will be a good size, and if you are a couple, then the 2 quarts variant will be the best one.

Shape Of The Fryer

Available Shapes:

  • Oval or Egg Shape
  • Square Shape

Actually, rather than the size, the shape of the air fryer plays an important role. 

If you compare two air fryers, one is oval and the other is squared with the same capacity, then you will find the squared one will have more cooking space than the oval one.

When you are comparing sizes don’t go for the depth, always go with the larger surface area. Because when you are cooking in an air fryer you can’t stack food over another, otherwise the food will not be crispy. 

For better results, you have to make one layer of food and all food will be cooked and become crispy. That’s why you should go with the square shape one but if your family consists of 2 or 3 people then you can opt for the oval one.

My recommendation is you should go with the square shape one with a capacity of 5 quarts because no matter what size will you take, all will occupy almost the same space with almost similar prices.


Footprint means how much space an item occupies on the kitchen countertop. If your kitchen is big enough then this will not be an issue.

But if you have very limited space on your countertop, then you can opt for a smaller variant. More one thing if you choose a square one over the oval, then again you get the benefit of putting things above it.

Yes, many squared shape air fryers have sufficient space above it to keep some lightweight items. Also, the footprint is not always the problem as these products are very portable, you can keep it anywhere after using it.


This is one of the major factors of buying any new item. If any product is difficult to clean then you may not use it frequently, you will always keep it aside.

So to use it regularly, the item should be easy to clean. Most of the air fryers are now easy to clean. You can easily take out the basket and clean it.

Don’t ever scrub the basket otherwise you will end up removing the nonstick coating. That will totally ruin the air fryer.

To clean the air fryer:

  • First, fill the basket with water.
  • After that, add some dish liquid and let it soak for 30 minutes.
  • Now, wipe it out with a sponge or a soft cloth.
  • Finally, rinse the basket and you are done.

And to clean the fryer, first, unplug it and take a damp, and carefully clean the inside and the sides of the fryer.

It’s that easy to clean an air fryer and people make it very complicated.


Nowadays, almost all brands provide different functions in their air fryers. But the thing is not about preset functions, it is about giving the ability to customize it.

Yeah, the preset functions will definitely help you to make different items but the best results you can get by applying custom temperature that you will know after a few uses.

Because every day you will not get the same quality chicken or whatever item you are frying, that’s why the preset functions not always work great.

The preset customizable function is not a mandatory one as you can always set your desired time and temperature with the buttons available. But if it is present then you can definitely opt for that one.

Build Quality and Price

No matter how costly you are buying, you will find a product made of plastic only.

So, whenever you are buying a new air fryer always check the quality of the plastic. If it is soft and bends easily don’t consider it, always go for the strong and durable one.

The price simply doesn’t matter if you want a good quality medium-sized air fryer.

Most of the good quality air fryers come under 100 dollars but some may go up to 300 dollars. Frankly speaking, these higher prices items are not required, you can do everything with the lower variants.

The higher-priced items are actually a mixture of a full-sized oven with an air frying technology.

High Power Wattage and Temperature Control

When you are going to purchase a new air fryer, always check its power wattage capacity. The higher the power wattage, the better it is. 

Some of the average air fryers have 900-1000 watts power wattage. These are best for frying vegetables or other soft items but not chicken or steak. So to make all the items conveniently, you should always opt for the 1400-1500 watts power variant.

Basically, more power can supply more heat and can quickly prepare the items. Your chicken will be more crispy from the outside and soft and tender from the inside.

Other than high power wattage there should be a proper temperature control option so that you can control the temperature when needed. This feature is very helpful when you are pre-heating the appliance.


Safety should be the highest priority when you are buying any electrical appliance. Make sure to check the appliance is properly insulated or not.

Don’t buy the item if any wire or metallic part is coming outside. The handle of the basket should be properly insulated because you will always open and close that thing.

Always read the user’s manual before operating any electrical appliance to maintain proper safety

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Air frying is a very healthy practice because it involves little or no oil. To make it happen you need a good air fryer. So I think this guide, “What To Look For When Buying An Air Fryer?” solved your problem.

Basically, you need to check the size and shape, footprint, build quality, price, cleaning, functions, high power wattage, safety, and temperature control. If all these features are present in an air fryer then you are good to go.

If your problem is solved then please share this article with your friends and family and also don’t forget to leave your valuable comment below.

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