Does Enamel Cast Iron Chip? Is It Safe To Use?

You know that the enameled coating on your dutch oven is a glaze made from powdered glass. In an enameling process, the glaze is fired onto the cast iron like in pottery.

This coating is not super fragile but if you hit it hard with metal utensils or something strong, then it may get chipped. Or if you subject your enameled cast iron cookware to crazy temperature swings, in that case also it may get chipped. So yes, enamel cast iron does get chipped. 

Does Enamel Cast Iron Chip

Can We Use The Cookware After It Gets Chipped?

Yes, we can still use the cookware after the enamel coating gets chipped. Because even if it’s chipped there is still a raw cast iron under the coating which is absolutely safe to use.

But, before using your cookware make sure to clean it properly as there can be loose pieces that can get mixed with your food. So take a cloth and gently clean the surface before using it.

How To Avoid Chipping?

In the first few paragraphs, I have already told you that if you hit your cookware hard with metal or something strong or subject to crazy temperature swings, then it can get chipped.

But, there are also certain things that you have to keep in mind to avoid chipping your enameled cast iron cookware.

  1. Avoid scrapping metal utensils across the bottom of the pan. Your cookware can get deep scratches and chipped. Always try to use wooden or silicone utensils.
  2. Avoid clearing food from the utensils by whacking them on the rim of the cookware. This is one of the major reasons for chipping. You can use your hand to whack the utensil for clearing food.
  3. Do not heat your pots and pans empty. Always use high heat when you are boiling water or using plenty of liquid for cooking. Otherwise, try to cook in medium to low heat as it is an excellent conductor of heat.
  4. After cooking, don’t put your cookware immediately under cold water. This dramatic temperature change can chip your pots and pans easily.

If you avoid all these things, then your enameled cast iron cookware will last for decades.

How To Repair Chipped Enamel Cast Iron?

I don’t actually recommend repairing your chipped cookware but if you insist there is a temporary solution to that.

If your pot is chipped badly, then you may contact the manufacturer for replacement as most of them will do it for free. If not, then you need to buy a new one.

So, here is the method to fix it temporarily.

Materials Required

  1. Food Grade Enamel Repair Kit
  2. Fine-Grit Sand Paper
  3. A Soft Cloth
  4. Wax Paper (If you are not getting with the kit)
  5. Dishwashing Liquid

Steps To Fix

  1. First, clean the cookware properly to remove any loose enameled particles.
  2. Now, use the food-grade epoxy solution to gently fill the gaps. Try to fill all the affected parts.
  3. When the epoxy hardens slightly, put a piece of wax paper over it and apply pressure gently to the waxed paper, and flatten the epoxy solution against the cookware.
  4. Now, remove the wax paper and let the solution dry completely.
  5. Once it dried, gently sand the repaired area to match the surrounding edges.
  6. After that, clean the cookware properly with a dishwasher to remove any unwanted particles. Or you can also any food-grade enamel paint to match the color of your cookware.

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  1. Is Chipped Enamel Cast Iron Safe?

    Yes, it is safe to use chipped enamel cast iron cookware. Before using, make sure to clean any loose particles and don’t use any metal utensils to scrape the bottom of the cookware. This will lead to further chipping.

  2. How Long Does Enameled Cast Iron Last?

    If you follow all those things that I have mentioned in this article, then your enameled cast iron cookware will last for decades. A little bit of caring is required for your cookware to last long.

  3. Can I Use My Chipped Le Creuset Cookware?

    Le Creuset cookware often comes with a lifetime warranty. So if your Le Creuset gets chipped, then you can contact them for a free replacement. If they are not replaced, then unlike any other chipped enameled cookware you can use it by following the above methods.

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