Why Does Food Stick To My Enamel Cast Iron? 3 Reasons To Avoid Sticking

Enamel cast iron cookware is a better version of regular cast iron due to its enameled coating. 

This coating makes the cookware non-reactive and non-stick which helps the cook to make items with ease.

One more thing, the enamel coating can’t be said as a replica of nonstick cookware because you can’t compare its smoothness. Yes, they are smooth but only compared to regular cast iron pans.

Despite this coating, why does food stick to my enamel cast iron cookware?

Food sticks to your enamel cast iron when you are not using sufficient oil and supply excessive heat. Some food items, not much care, and maintenance are also responsible for this stickiness. If not maintained properly, the sticky residue builds up over time, and cooking in your enameled cast iron becomes difficult.

It happens to most people as they are not aware of the fact that enamel cookware is not literally nonstick and it has to be seasoned before using for smooth cooking.

Not every time your food will stick to your cookware. In most cases, we use an enamel dutch oven rather than a skillet.

So the dutch oven heated up much quicker and the interior temperature becomes much higher if we supply the same amount of heat continuously and this is one of the main reasons for food getting burnt and stick.

Now you are aware, so let us know how to avoid sticking food to your cookware.

Why Does Food Stick To My Enamel Cast Iron

How To Stop Sticking Food To Enamel Cast Iron?

The best way to avoid food sticking to your enamel cast iron cookware is to season it. Along with seasoning, you have to maintain proper heat and be selective in choosing the food items.

As enamel cast iron cookware is perfect for searing meat or fish, cooking veggies, making pasta or noodles, etc but not for making perfect omelets. No matter how good your cookware is, omelets will always be perfect in a nonstick skillet.

Now, let’s learn how to avoid sticking food.


Seasoning cookware will help you to achieve a much smoother surface. When the oil is heated at high heat, it polymerizes with the pan means it fills the pores of the cookware that makes the cookware smooth.

Most people think seasoning is a difficult process, but no it’s very easy to do so. It only requires some time like 30 to 45 mins for the complete process.

If you don’t know about seasoning, then this guide on how do you season an enamel cast iron cookware will definitely help you.

Only seasoning the enamel cookware will not be enough to avoid the food sticking. It will lower your chances but if you do not follow the other instructions, then next time the food may stuck when you cook.

Types Of Food

There are certain types of food items that may stick to your enamel cast iron cookware. Yes, this cookware is designed to cook any items but it is always better not to cook the items that may stick to your cookware.

Some items like:

  • High protein but low in fat (you have to use little oil to cook these items).
  • Sugary Sauces
  • Tomatoes
  • Honey, Wine, Garlic, etc.
  • Omelet

There are more but these items are especially very prone to stickiness. It doesn’t mean that you can’t cook these items. You can cook but you have to use a little bit of oil or butter and had to maintain proper temperature.

Maintaining Temperature

Maintaining the heat is very important while cooking because if you are not careful then it may burn your food and the food will be stuck to your cookware.

When you cook in an enamel cast iron dutch oven, the interior becomes very hot after some time due to its high walls and even heating. So, try to adjust the temperature whenever necessary to avoid food burning and sticking.

If you are cooking on a stove, cook at a higher temperature first, and then slowly adjust it to medium to low temperature.

Cleaning The Cookware

Only seasoning, selecting the food items, and adjusting the temperature will not be enough to maintain your enamel cast iron cookware. Once you cook, you have to properly clean and care for your pots and pans to maintain them.

Don’t rinse the pan directly after cooking as it will totally ruin the surface of the cookware. After cooking, let it cool down and then you start cleaning it.

For cleaning, don’t use any abrasive materials. Always use a soft sponge and a dishwashing liquid to clean your cookware. After cleaning, wipe it with a cloth or a paper towel to dry completely before storing.

These small tips are lifesavers to protect your pan from getting ruined. If you maintain your enamel cookware like this, then it will last you for decades.

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Why Does Food Stick To My Enamel Cast Iron? (Final Verdict)

If you are not using enough oil and have not cleaned your cookware properly, then these are the main reasons for food sticking to your cookware. Other reasons such as cooking high protein food items or sugary sauces or not maintaining the proper temperature are also responsible.

If you want to avoid food sticking to your enamel cast iron cookware, then follow these tips:

  1. Season the cookware before use. If you are feeling lazy, then heat the pan, pour some oil, and when the oil will be heated then start cooking.
  2. Use wooden or silicone spatula or accessories to avoid removing the enamel coating.
  3. When you are cooking high protein food like beef, chicken, egg, etc try to use some extra oil to avoid sticking.
  4. After cooking, let the cookware cool down, clean it properly with a soft sponge and a dishwasher liquid and completely dry it before storing.

If you follow all these tips, your cookware will last forever and you will always feel like new cookware.


  1. Is Enameled Cast Iron Non-Stick?

    The coating is made of glass and it acts as a nonstick surface but not entirely nonstick. You can’t compare a nonstick pan with an enamel pan. The nonstick pan has a much smoother surface than enamel cast iron cookware.

  2. Does Enameled Cast Iron Need To Be Seasoned?

    Yes, if you do it then it will be much easier for you to cook. If you don’t do it then also it will be fine, just use some extra oil while cooking to avoid sticking of food.

  3. How Do You Keep Food From Sticking In Enameled Cast Iron?

    You have to follow some basic instructions to keep food from sticking in enamel cast iron. Heat the pan for 2 mins, pour some oil, and heat until smoking. After that, add the food items and maintain proper temperature and after that clean and dry the pan properly before storing.

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