5 Best Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes [With Comparison]

Mashed Potatoes! What a recipe! I think no one can deny such a delicious recipe.

It is one of the easiest and most delicious items to make that required only two or three ingredients.

But to mash the potatoes properly you will need a powerful hand mixer so that you can get a nice creamy potato.

So today, in this article we will compare and review the best hand mixer for mashed potatoes.

But before that, what is the need for a hand mixer?

We can make mashed potatoes with a masher but the final result will be not that smooth, that’s why we need a hand mixer.

Not only that these types of appliances help us to do many things as we can knead, whip cream, mix anything, etc.

Best Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes

When we purchase a new hand mixer we are purchasing not only for mashing potatoes but also for many purposes. It is a very essential electric appliance that is needed in everybody’s kitchen.

If you are in a hurry then you can check the winner on Amazon.

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Best Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes

The Products At A Glance:

ProductsPriceEditors Ratings
KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Hand MixerCheck On Amazon5
Cuisinart 7-Speed Electric Hand MixerCheck On Amazon4.5
Breville Handy Mix Scraper Hand MixerCheck On Amazon4
Sunbeam 5-Speed Mixmaster Hand and Stand MixerCheck On Amazon4.5
KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand MixerCheck On Amazon4

Let’s start the reviews:

1. KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer for mashed potatoes

KitchenAid digital hand mixer offers a 7-speed adjustable motor that is powerful enough to mash potatoes into a smooth paste and also can mix or whip heavy ingredients.

This handy tool has a Pro Whisk attachment which is perfect for mixing any hard stuff or whipping cream to egg whites or any batter to decorate your favorite dessert.

The beaters are made of high-quality stainless steel and are powered by turbo boost technology.

The Kitchenaid digital offers you a lot of features and accessories such as

  • Soft Start
  • Lockable Swivel Cord
  • Beater Ejector Button
  • Stainless Steel Turbo Beater II Accessories
  • Pro Whisk

Colors Available – Contour Silver, Empire Red, Onyx Black, White.


  1. It comprises 7 digital speed adjustable motors for convenience. Slow speeds for whipping egg whites, medium speeds for mixing cream, butter, and sugar, etc, and high speeds for whipping meringue, thick batter, etc.
  2. Soft handles for better gripping and comfort.
  3. You can lock the cord according to your perfect angle either left or right.
  4. It has a soft start feature that prevents splattering the ingredients.
  5. You can easily remove and attach any accessories with a single button.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Quiet and Powerful.
  • Strain-free handle.
  • Single-button to remove accessories.


  1. The beaters little bit wobbled at high speeds

2. Cuisinart 7-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Cuisinart 7-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus Electric hand mixer comprises 7 adjustable speeds with a powerful motor. The mixer is handy and easy to operate. 

It is capable of mixing some heavy batters, whipped cream or fluffy meringues, kneading the dough, and much more.

The hand mixer is easy to clean and store. All accessories provided are dishwasher safe. 

You will get compact storage along with its accessories to store it safely.

Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus includes the following accessories

  • Long Beaters
  • Chef’s Whisk
  • Dough Hooks
  • Spatula
  • Storage Container

Colors Available – White and Chrome.


  • Its smooth start feature eliminates food splattering with 3 low mixing speeds.
  • Comprises 7 digital adjustable speeds to suit your needs.
  • It offers a good amount of accessories with a storage container.
  • All accessories are dishwasher safe.


  • It looks stylish and beautiful with its chrome finish.
  • Easily adjust the speed
  • Comfortable to hold.


  • A little heavy

3. Breville Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

5 Best Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes [With Comparison] 1

Breville Handy Mix Scraper Hand mixer is a special mixer with ergonomic control and has the ability to adjust the power according to what you are mixing.

This hand mixer features a 9-speed selector with a scroll wheel to select the desired speed according to your convenience. You can use this for kneading, whipping, mixing, beating, etc because of its powerful motor.

Other than that, this also comprises plus boost technology and has a pause button to hold the settings while you are preparing or adding ingredients. Another feature includes a quick-release trigger and a swivel cord for convenience.

Breville Handy Mixer includes the following accessories –

  • Dough Hooks (2 nos.)
  • Scraper Beaters (2 nos.)
  • Balloon Whisks (2 nos.)
  • Storage Case

Colors Available – Silver


  • Features beater IQ technology which detects the attachments and adjusts the speed according to what you are mixing.
  • 9-speed adjustable scroller to adjust the speed according to your convenience.
  • Dedicated pause button to hold the settings while you’re adding any ingredients.
  • It has a powerful 240W motor for high torque and quiet operations.
  • Ergonomically designed handles for comfort and gripping


  • Quiet and powerful motor.
  • Pause button for convenience.
  • The quick-release trigger helps a lot.


  • The silicone used in the beater is not of great quality (You may have to replace it after 2/3 years). But the dough hooks and balloon whisks are great

4. Sunbeam 5-Speed Mixmaster Hand and Stand Mixer (Dual Function)

5 Best Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes [With Comparison] 2

The Sunbeam 5-Speed Mixmaster is a dual-function appliance that can be used both as a hand and a stand mixer.

It has a powerful 250-watt motor and 5-speed settings to handle all kinds of mixtures. You can detach the hand mixer from the stand with the touch of a single button.

There is a dedicated button to boost power at any speed. This feature comes in handy when you are kneading any dough or mixing any hard ingredients. 

It comes in two variants usually black and white. You can easily move the appliance on your countertop as it is compact and light in weight.

The stainless steel bowl provided with the hand mixer can be washed with mild soap or can be washed in a dishwasher.

Sunbeam 5-Speed Mixmaster includes the following accessories –

  • 3-Qt Stainless Steel Bowl.
  • Dough Hooks (2 Nos.)
  • Chrome Beaters (2 Nos.)
  • Stand to use as a Stand Mixer.

Colors Available: Black and White


  • It can be used as a stand and a hand mixer.
  • This mixer comes with a dedicated power button to boost power.
  • You can detach the hand mixer from the stand with a single touch.
  • It has a powerful 250-watt motor and 5-speed settings to handle any mixture.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Operations are simple (all can be done with a button).
  • Bowl can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Made in Canada.


  • Take up more space than other hand mixers due to their stand.

5. KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

5 Best Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes [With Comparison] 3

KitchenAid 5-speed ultra power hand mixer is a compact, light in weight, and powerful mixer. The handle of the mixer is well designed and has a very comfortable grip.

It has a powerful 240-watt motor and 5-speed settings to deliver a very high performance.

The device has a dedicated button to eject the beaters conveniently.

The beaters are made of high-quality stainless steel and turbo-powered. It also has an electronic mixing sensor which with the help of turbo beaters efficiently whips, mixes, kneads, and beats any ingredients.

You can wash the beaters in hot soapy water to clean them. To dry, just wipe the body with a clean damp cloth.

What Accessories Included In The Box:

  • Turbo Beaters (2 Nos.)

Colors Available: Crystal Blue, Emp Red, White.


  • The hand mixer has 5 adjustable speeds and a powerful yet quiet motor.
  • Its turbo-powered beaters and electronic mixing sensor enable it to mix, knead, whip, beat, etc very efficiently.
  • The Kitchenaid hand mixer is designed ergonomically to use comfortably and also the handle is angled to reduce wrist strain.
  • It has a dedicated ejector button for convenience. Also, the power cord is rounded and has shielded air vents and a steady base.


  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to use.
  • The handle is strain-free and comfortable.
  • Stylish and colorful.
  • Dedicated button for convenience.
  • Beaters are made of high-quality stainless steel.


  • Very few accessories are provided.

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Comparison of the Products

The reviews of the products are done, now we will compare the five items with various factors and at last, we will choose the winner.

Let’s begin:

Size And Weight

Size is an important factor because this factor will decide how much space the hand mixer will take in your kitchen.

So, now we will compare the sizes of the products in a chart.

ProductsSize (Inches)Weight (Lbs)
KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer8.00 x 3.50 x 6.002
Cuisinart 7-Speed Electric Hand Mixer9 x 4.25 x 63.51
Breville Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer8.50 x 3.50 x 10.254
Sunbeam 5-Speed Mixmaster Hand and Stand Mixer7.6 x 3.5 x 8 (20.80 x 15.00 x 10.00)3
KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer7.5 x 3.5 x 6.52.49

In terms of size, the KitchenAid 7-speed and 5-speed are almost similar, so they will occupy almost a similar space.

In terms of weight, the KitchenAid 7-speed is the lightest one as it weighs only 2 pounds.

So, in terms of size and weight, KitchenAid 7-speed hand mixer is the winner here.

Accessories Provided

Now, we will see how many accessories are provided along with the hand mixer.

KitchenAid 7-SpeedStainless Steel Turbo Beaters and Pro Whisk
Cuisinart 7-SpeedLong Beaters, Chef’s Whisk, Dough Hooks, Spatula, and Storage Container
Breville Handy MixDough Hooks (2 nos.), Scraper Beaters (2 nos.), Balloon Whisks (2 nos.), and Storage Case
Sunbeam 5-Speed Mixmaster3-Qt Stainless Steel Bowl., Dough Hooks (2 Nos.), Chrome, Beaters (2 Nos.), Stand to use as a Stand Mixer.
KitchenAid 5-SpeedTurbo Beaters (2 Nos.)

You have seen that the Cuisinart 7-speed and Breville Handy mix offers you a lot of accessories but Cuisinart 7-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is the winner here.


Power is one of the important factors because of it the mixer is able to mix, knead, beat, etc any ingredients.

All of the mixers above are powerful and capable enough to mix, knead, beat, and whip anything. But among them, Breville Handy Mix, Cuisinart 7-Speed Electric, and KitchenAid 7-Speed are the most powerful ones because they can be adjusted to 9-speed and 7-speed manually. 

But the speed does not matter in every case. If you want to mashed potatoes then 5-speed manual settings will do it well.

The speed requires only when you are mixing any thick batter or so because at that time a powerful motor is required.

So, in this case, KitchenAid 7-Speed and Cuisinart 7-Speed are the winners as they are powerful and efficient ones.


This is the most important factor because this will decide whether you want to purchase an item or not.

But if you want a good and reliable hand mixer then it will cost you a little bit. Here the mixers range between 50 to 80 bucks, only Breville will cost you 100 plus.

So, price should not be the case as the hand mixers reviewed here are cost-effective compared to their features.

We cannot list the exact price here because the prices constantly get changed on Amazon and we don’t want to give you any false information. That’s why we can only give you the range and to see the exact price you have to visit Amazon.

So, in the case of price, all are winners except Breville.

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Final Verdict – Which One To Choose?

After comparing all the 5 products by different categories we come to the final verdict.

We will now check the categories:

Size and Weight – KitchenAid 7-Speed is the winner

Accessories Provided – Cuisinart 7-Speed Electric is the winner

Power – KitchenAid 7-Speed  and Cuisinart 7-Speed are the winners

Price – All are winners except Breville

Thus we have seen that KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer and Cuisinart 7-Speed Electric Hand Mixer are the winners here.

If you want power as well as accessories then go for Cuisinart but if you want power, efficiency, and brand value then go for KitchenAid 7-Speed.

But this simply does not mean others are worthless, they are equally powerful and efficient. If you want the feature of a stand mixer as well as a hand mixer then go for Sunbeam 5-Speed Mixmaster Hand and Stand Mixer because it is powerful, featureful, and provides a lot of accessories.


  1. Can You Use A Hand Blender For Mashed Potatoes?

    You can use but you will not get the desired result as using a hand blender will release too much starch from the potatoes and as a result, the mashed potatoes will become sticky and heavy.
    But when you are using a hand mixer you will get a more smooth paste as it whipped the potatoes without releasing much starch.

  2. What Is The Most Powerful Hand Mixer?

    There are various hand mixers available on the market that are powerful but among these 5 products, KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer is a powerful and efficient one.

  3. What Is The Best Hand Mixer To Buy?

    When we say the best hand mixer then we have to consider many factors, like price, features, power, brand, and accessories. So if the brand is providing all the above factors at a very competitive price then that will be the best hand mixer.

  4. What Can I Use To Mash Potatoes?

    You can use any masher to mash the potatoes but it will take much time and effort. So, to make the recipe quickly and also to get a smooth result we use hand mixers. That’s why hand mixers are very important in mashing potatoes.

  5. Which Hand Mixer Attachment Is Used For Mashed Potatoes?

    The flat beaters are usually used as an attachment for making mashing potatoes. Just take hot potatoes and attach the beaters and start slowly. Gradually increase the speed to get a smooth result.

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