How To Program A Black And Decker Coffee Maker? With 3 Easy Steps

Black and Decker’s coffee maker comes with many functions and features. Programming to set the time is one of them.

There are 33 different types of programmable Black and Decker coffee makers available on the market.

So, you have bought one of them and now, you are confused to program it. Don’t worry about it, we are here to help you.

Actually, to program a black and decker coffee maker is very easy, just you have to follow some basic steps.

How to program a black and decker coffee maker

Let’s begin the article:

How To Program A Black And Decker Coffee Maker?

The program function is the most convenient feature of this machine as this allows you to set a specific time. Most of the Black + Decker machines come with a delayed feature.

Let suppose you always want a cup of coffee in the morning, say at 7 am. Instead of starting the machine just before 7 always, you can set the time in this coffee maker and your machine will turn on at the preset time.

So, you don’t need to wait for your cup of coffee to be brewed, your cup of coffee will be ready before you reach the machine. And the best part is that it stays hot for 2 hours.

But before setting the time, double-check the current time whether it’s showing correct or not. Otherwise, you will end up getting your coffee before or after the preset time.

Also, before setting the time, first pressed the “PROG” button to program it for later use

Let’s start:

Black And Decker Program Buttons To Set The Time

Step #1: Setting The HR Button

When you plugged in the unit, you will notice the current time is flashing on the display. Near the display, there is an “HR” button which is there to set the hour.

Before setting the “HR” button, press the “PROG” button first. 

Hold the “HR” button to reach your desired time and release it. By default, the time will be set in AM but if you want to set the time in PM, then let the cycle pass from 1 to 12th hour.

After the 12th hour, you will notice a PM sign is flashed on the display. Then set the desired time and release the button. If you want to return to AM then repeat the same process and the PM sign will be turned off.

Step #2: Setting The MIN Button

After setting the hour button, its time to set the minute button. To set the minute, you will notice a “MIN” button near the display.

Just hold the “MIN” button and release it at a specific time. This will help you to set your desired time.

Step #3: Setting The AUTO Button

The auto button is the main programmable button as it will finally set the desired time of your choice.

After setting the “HR” and “MIN” button, its time to program it. To do so, just hold the “AUTO” button for a couple of seconds and one light will be flashed.

When the light will flash, release the button and after a second or so, it will again show the current time.

That’s it, you have finally programmed the Black and Decker coffee maker for a specific time.

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You can watch this video for instructions:


Thus you have seen that it’s so easy to program a coffee maker. Now I think this question, how to program a black and decker coffee maker is cleared and you are ready to apply it.

This feature is so helpful that if your machine switched off but plugged in, then it will automatically turn on at the specific time and brew a cup of coffee for you. 

Not only that it will keep it in warm mode for around 2 hours. See, how smart our machine is becoming these days.

If your query is solved then please share this article with your friends and family so that they can also solve their problem. Thank You !!! 

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1. How Do I Set The Timer On My Coffee Maker?

To set the timer, first pressed the PROG button, then hold the HR button and release it at a specific time to set the hour. After that, hold the MIN button to set the minute and release it. Finally, press the AUTO button for a couple of seconds and release it after the light flashes on the screen. That’s it you have set the time.

2. How Do You Make Coffee In A Black And Decker Coffee Maker?

It’s very easy to make coffee, just pour water in the machine, then put a filter and add 1-2 spoons of coffee, close the lid and switch on the machine. After a few minutes, your coffee will be ready to drink.

3. Are Black And Decker Coffee Makers Good?

Yes, there are very good in terms of quality and functions. There are almost 33 different variants of coffee makers that are available from Black and Decker.

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