3 Reasons Why Kitchen Cabinets Are So Expensive? One Secret Revealed!

Kitchen cabinets are very essential built-in furniture that is installed in the kitchen for our convenience.

It is used for many purposes such as storage of cookware, kitchenware, food, dishes, etc, and sometimes appliances are also integrated into kitchen cabinetry.

Without cabinets, the kitchen will look messy as the arrangements of cookware and kitchenware will not be perfect and we have to keep all the items on the countertop. 

That’s why people installed kitchen cabinets and as this furniture comes with so many utilities and functions, the price will definitely go high.

So, why kitchen cabinets are so expensive? 

The kitchen cabinets costs vary from type to type. If it is custom made then the cost will go high. It is expensive not entirely for the materials used but mostly for the labor charges. Because to built one cabinet, the labor needs almost 6-8 hours to complete it and if it contains hardwood drawer boxes then they need more time. That’s why custom-designed cabinetry costs more than the regular one.

why kitchen cabinets are so expensive

We will discuss here today, the factors that affect the price hike, how you can reduce the price, what other options you have, and also how to maintain the cabinets so that it can last you longer.

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Let’s begin:

What Are The Factors That Affects The Price Of The Kitchen Cabinets? 

There are many factors that affect its price but the three main factors are:

  • Cost of the materials.
  • Custom Design.
  • Cost of labors or Installation cost.

These three are the main factors that affect the price of the kitchen cabinets. You can reduce the cost by controlling these three factors. We will discuss each one in detail.

Cost Of The Materials

The cabinet price will increase or decrease depending upon the type of materials used. The materials mainly used are plywood or hardwood, stainless steel, solid wood, soft close hinges, glue, nails, finishing materials, blades, sandpapers, etc.

Some of the materials used: 

For Body Frame:

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Wood: There are different types of wood available on the market for making the kitchen cabinet. For example, solid wood, plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), Veneer, etc.

Solid Wood: This is a very strong and long-lasting material and most of the kitchen owners use it for cabinets. Due to its quality and durability, it cost more than the others.

Plywood: Plywood is another common material that is used in the kitchen cabinets. It is cheaper than solid wood and offers excellent water resistance.

MDF or Medium-Density Fiberboard: Its a product made by breaking down the solid wood into fibers and then combine with wax and resin binder under high pressure and temperature. MDF is generally stronger and denser than plywood but it is cheaper than plywood and it prevents termites.

Veneer: It is usually the thin slices of wood or barks that are glued together to make flat panels. Plywood, MDF is a type of veneer wood. Its cost usually depends on the type of wood used. 

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

Stainless Steel: These kitchen cabinets are very strong, durable, and are easy to maintain. They are suited for all climate conditions and are termites proof. But the main thing is that they are costlier than wood.

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet

Melamine: These materials are made by heat-sealing plywood or MDF pressed wood between paper saturated with thermally mixed melamine resin. Melamine offers beautiful solid colors and smoothness and can also replicate the wood tones. It is cheaper than all the options above and also durable than MDF.

We have seen that stainless steel costs more than the other options but it is more durable and strong. Also, it is suitable for all climatic conditions and is termites proof. So, if you consider it for a long term game then stainless steel will be a better option.

But, if you live in an area where terminates attack is not very common then do consider wooden cabinets as it looks very elegant and beautiful. Also, it will cost less than stainless steel.

To make it durable and beautiful, you can make the frame with solid wood and make the door of MDF. This method will be both cost-effective and beautiful. 

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Custom Design:

This is the main factor for the higher price of kitchen cabinets. In custom design, the design is made according to the user’s instructions and kitchen size. Here you can give any designs according to your choice and convenience. 

No doubt this is the most convenient kitchen cabinet but it costs more. Because it needs more cutting and finishing of the materials to meet the user’s demand. To fulfill the demand it takes time and costs more labor.

If your budget allows then definitely go for the custom design option.

Labor Charge or Installation Cost:

This question, “why kitchen cabinets are so expensive?” is satisfied by the last criteria i.e. labor charge. Because of the labor charges, the installation cost of the kitchen cabinets increases.

You can buy the materials at a cheap price but to give it the shape you need an expert who will charge for his labor. Because it takes so much time to build a cabinet from start to finish. Labor has to engage himself for the entire day to give it a proper look that’s why they take the main money.

For example, if you want to make a kitchen cabinet with a glossy maple finish of 3 shelves then you will require –

  • Plywood (Maple Veneer) of say $40
  • Maple Hardwood of say $40
  • Miscellaneous (glue, nails, blades, sandpaper, etc) for $4-$5
  • Soft Close Hinges for $25
  • Polyurethane Finishing for $15-$20

Now if you add all the materials price that will cost you somewhere $124 to 130$ or let’s say $150 to build one cabinet.

So, you have seen that the materials will not cost that much, it’s mainly because of the labor charges. If the carpenter charges 30-35 dollars per hour then it would cost you somewhere 240 to 280 dollars for eight hours.

So, roughly to build one cabinet from start to finish it will cost you around $400. This is just an estimate, usually, it can cost you more or less depending on your area.

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Thus you have seen why kitchen cabinets are so expensive. The cost totally depends on your choice, how you want to build it, or what materials or design you want to use.

So, to make it cost-effective and durable you can mix the materials or the best way is that you can make it yourself.

The kitchen is the place where the home-chef spends most of the time and that’s why they want to make their kitchen beautiful and functional. Here the kitchen cabinets play a very important role to give an elegant look to the kitchen.

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