Why Do Metal Handles Of Pans Get Hot? Why Do They Have It?

The handle of the pots and pans gets hot because metal is a good conductor of heat, so the heat is transferred throughout the pan. When you place the cookware on the stove, the heat is transferred from the base to all the pan parts; hence, the handles get heated as well.

Now, you are thinking that if a metal is a good conductor of heat, then why the manufacturers made the handles from metals? They should at least cover the grip with silicone or plastic or something that can prevent it from heating so we can grasp it quickly.

But this is not the case as always. Let’s clarify your question…

Why Do Metal Handles Of Pans Get Hot? Why Do Pans Have Metal Handles

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Why Do Pans Have Metal Handles?

Most of the well-branded pans have metal handles because they can not only withstand much more heat than plastic or wooden handles but are also more durable and the overall quality of the cookware improve.

If the pan’s handle is of plastic and you put it in an oven, then grasping a hot plastic handle will be way worse than metal, especially if it is melting where it meets the metal. But holding a hot metal handle with a towel or cloth will be easier and safer.

Also, you cannot put pans with plastic or wooden handles in the oven at high temperatures for a long time. The pans will definitely get damaged, but a good quality pan with metal handles can withstand such a high temperature.

That’s why reputed brands like All-Clad or Calphalon made their pans entirely from 3-5 layered metals, making the cookware durable, easy to cook, and convenient. 

Do Pan Handles Get Hot On Induction Hobs?

When you place your cookware with a metal handle on any heat source, whether induction hobs, stove, or oven, no matter what it will get hot. Compared to induction hobs, the pan will heat quicker in the oven followed by the stove due to high temperatures.  

If you are cooking at a high temperature for some time, then the heat will be evenly distributed throughout the pan up to the handle irrespective of the heat source. So yes, pan handles do get hot on induction hobs.

How To Prevent Your Hands From Getting Burnt From The Hot Handles?

The best way to prevent your hands from getting burnt from the hot cookware is to take a towel or thick cloth, fold it a few times, and then grab the handle with the towel. In this way, you can protect your hands from getting burnt.

Instead of a towel or cloth, you can also take the help of oven mitts or oven gloves or both for extra prevention of your hands.

Nowadays, you will find many covers for handles available online and offline. These covers are sometimes helpful if you are cooking on induction or stove but can’t be used while cooking in the oven. These covers are mostly silicone based, and some are claimed to be oven safe.

I have listed some of them that are oven-safe to some extent, but I prefer not to use them in the oven. You can use it while cooking on the stove or on induction hobs.

Heat Resistant Handle Wraps

  1. Lodge Silicone Handle Covers
  2. Silicone Hot Handle Holders
  3. Handle Holders For Cast Iron

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  1. Can I Put A Pan With A Rubber Handle In The Oven?

    If the rubber handle is oven-safe to some temperature, then, in that case, you can use the pan in the oven. But if you ask me, I prefer not to use it because due to the high temperature, the rubber handle may get burnt and the harmful gases may get mixed with the food, which will make the food unhealthy.   

  2. Do Cast Iron Pan Handles Get Hot?

    The whole cast iron pan is made out of metal including the handle, so when you heat the pan, the heat will transfer to each and every part of the pan. So yes, cast iron pan handles get hot compared to other metal pans.

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